Comprehensive Care for Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression            

Personalized Care

Getting better involves more than just taking medicine.  We specialize in making a custom tailored plan of care for each client.  Medication combined with psychotherapy, exercise, yoga, meditation, spending time in nature, and other positive lifestyle changes can lead to more effective treatment and less chance of relapse in the long run. 

Affordable Treatment

 Our comprehensive treatment plan is available for a flat fee of $250 per month. This includes access to monthly telemedicine visits, talk therapy, life coaching, and a network of providers across the nation. Some patients may benefit from sublingual ketamine treatment in addition to our services.  Your prescription can be sent to a compounding pharmacy near you. You will pay for your medication at the pharmacy.

Available by Telemedicine

We provide medical treatment for you in the comfort and privacy of your home. No more wasted time traveling back-and-forth to a clinic. No lost days from work. Monthly face-to-face visits with a member of our Treatment Team. Additional appointments available on-demand.

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