Ketamine Treatment

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a fast-acting medication used to treat anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders.  Ketamine helps with depressive symptoms within hours following a single, low-dose injection.  It has effects lasting up to one week, on average.  It is administered in our office by intramuscular injection.

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Learn More About the Science Behind Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine is Effective at Treating:



Ketamine has researchers excited because it works differently than all other existing antidepressants. Rather than affecting one of the “monoamine” neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine), as standard antidepressants do, it acts on glutamate, the most common chemical messenger in the brain.



Ongoing research is showing that ketamine is helpful with some anxiety conditions. Ketamine can also help facilitate talk therapy like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety.


Substance Use Disorders

Research has shown that ketamine is helpful for treating cravings and preventing relapse. It been shown to be helpful for recovery from multiple substances, including alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, and opiates.

Ketamine is Affordable

The cost for a single 60 minute ketamine treatment is only $200 out of pocket. The typical course of treatment requires two visits for the first 3 weeks. Patients may then be treated at home with oral/sublingual ketamine lozenges once every three days for up to 18 months.  For some patients, once a month in-office booster injections are also helpful.  If services are bundled, the typical cost of treatment is $1,200 for the first month and $250 per month thereafter.

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