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Smith Ketamine Services is a return to some of the time honored tradition’s that make a doctor patient relationship special. We are one of Charleston’s only solo family medical practices. Having one physician creates a therapeutic bond between doctor and patient that allows for the most optimal and accurate plan for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Being apart of the family

At Smith Ketamine Services you won’t be just another patient to see, you will be a member of our medical family. Our friendly staff enjoyed seeing you and helping you live a better life.

Benefits of A One-Physician Practice

Ease and Comfort

It is easier and more comfortable to get acquainted with and share medical history.

Healthy Lifestyle Planning

You have a doctor who will help you make plans for a healthy lifestyle and to live a happier, healthier life.

Form A Therapeutic Bond

You are able to form a therapeutic bond with the physician, who will help manage your health care needs for acute illness and maintenance care.

Most Importantly

You'll have a Doctor that knows your name, knows your family, and enjoys helping you through some of life’s illnesses.

Meet the Team

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