Treatment Protocol

Treatment Guided By Evidence-Based Research And A Desire To Help Others

Our treatment protocol is guided by evidence based research and a desire to help others, not tradition, and not financial gain. Our goal is to offer the most affordable, effective, reliable, and convenient form of Ketamine Treatment for all those in need. Ketamine is a controlled substance. We need to meet with our patients on a thirty day basis. 

The Average Patient

The average patient is treated with a 200mg sublingual Ketamine Troche, one every three days for the first six months. There is a “Sweet Spot” for each individual’s Optimal Treatment Dose of Ketamine, a dose that is “just right for you” and provides the best treatment response. At each thirty day visit, our Ketamine providers will review your scores on standardized scales of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Suicidality. These scores in combination with your interview input will help guide us to your Optimal Treatment Dose. 

Once your optimal dosing is reached, you will take the same dose of Ketamine on a regular basis. After the first six months of treatment, most all patients will reach a baseline of improvement. This baseline will be maintained by regular dosing with the Optimal Treatment Dose. At this point, the frequency of dosing may be adjusted. Recent research has shown that patients with significant anxiety symptoms should be dosed every three days, and patients with depressive symptoms without significant anxiety may be dosed less often, hopefully only once a week.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other modalities of treatment will be encouraged. Some patients may consider cessation of treatment. Some patients may require monthly booster treatment. Some patients with Persistent Depressive Disorder may prefer to continue ongoing Ketamine Treatment. 

What Is The Cost?

Our goal is to make Ketamine treatment more affordable and more available to those in need. Thirty day visits are required, and payments are applied on a recurring monthly basis for convenience sake. You may discontinue treatment at any time. There is no fine print. There are no strings attached.

$250 Per Month

Perscriptions may vary

We charge a flat recurring fee of $250/month for telemedicine treatment. You will pay your pharmacy approximately $40-$100 for your ketamine prescription.

US Armed Forces Veterans receive the discounted rate of $150 per month in appreciation for their service and sacrifices.

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Ready to Schedule Your Appointment?

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